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Jennifer Pham

Front End Web Developer

My Services

Website Design

Seeing the huge need for an online presence, I am passionate about website design and website development for small businesses. Besides creating the website, I also advise business owners on ways to market their website and gain more traffic.

App Development

With web and mobile apps, the possibilities are endless. I love applying my technical skills to build an app that can be a solution to make people's lives easier.

Content Writing

Focusing on marketing for the last 5 years, I have written marketing content for a wide variety of businesses. With professional content, brochures, websites, and emails are able to establish credibility and capture a significant increase in leads, sales, and profit.

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Clients Say...

Yvonne co-director of Viet Film Fest

"Jennifer created one of the best websites I've seen for film festivals! I worked closely with Jennifer for about 8 months to revamp Viet Film Fest's entire website, and she did an amazing job considering she had to build everything from scratch. Throughout the process, she would constantly suggest new content, designs, and ideas to make the site more user-friendly and visually-stunning. I was very impressed with how quickly she responded to my requests for changes to the site and the professionalism she exuded when working with me. I feel like the website was a great marketing tool and a large contributor to the increased ticket sales at Viet Film Fest 2016. I've had many festival attendees comment on how beautiful, dynamic, and easy to use the website was this year, so I have Jennifer to thank for that. "

-Yvonne Tran, Co-Director of Viet Film Fest 2016

Donald Rubiano videographer

"I'm a videographer in my full-time job, and I wanted to make some extra side money by doing wedding videos. I asked Jennifer to help me with a website to display my work, so I could get more clients. She organized my videos by date and displayed it on the home page. She researched other wedding videography sites and suggested to me how I could price my wedding packages. I'm really proud of my work and how it's displayed on my website. It also makes me seem more professional to new potential clients."

-Donald Rubiano, Videographer

Peter Nguyen facials and massages in Laguan Niguel

"I just bought a new massage business, and I was looking to update the marketing. Jennifer made our website, and I've gotten lots of compliments from customers. Jennifer even wrote the text for the site. I was very happy with the website, and I'd highly recommmend her."

-Peter Nguyen, Spa Owner

Kim Le printing company in Garden Grove

"I've been wanting to create an ecommerce site for a while now because I believe that is where the future is headed, buying online. I hired 2 website designers in the past, but all I ended up with were lost deposits of over $10,000, and no completed and functional website. Finally, Jennifer got on board and helped us finish the website. She wrote product descriptions, linked our UPS account to our website, added videos to our website, added on online order-tracking tool, and organized products and pricing. Now, I have an ecommerce website that is profitable and drawing customers from across the country."

-Kim Le, Printing Sales Manager

I am

Jennifer Pham

I love learning.

I like to create purposeful websites, develop useful web and mobile apps, and find creative solutions for businesses to grow.

On my free time, I like to read articles and books about business development, psychology, and science-fiction. More recently, it's been mostly Javascript and Angular books.

I'm not just a geek though. I love hiking, trying new restaurants, and spending quality time with friends. I'm always itching to travel to see places I have never been before (the best is when I use my credit card points to go). They say, "when you're uncomfortable, you're growing."

Contact Me

I am available for freelance and for hire. Can't wait for the next exciting project!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you and get to know you better!